Here is a list of the various services in the Nib and Pixel repertoir.  If there's anything that you're interested in that isn't listed below, shoot us an email. We love unique projects!  We look forward to hearing how we can make your project amazing.

Graphic Design


Our design services carry from concept through to completion. We brainstorm ideas with you and translate that into the final product. Invitations, Thank You Cards, Business Cards, Note Cards, Menus, Letterhead... we cover the whole gamut.


We have some great relationships with printers, so while you might be tempted to print your items at your local copy store, we prefer to ensure that your pieces are at the optimal quality by coordinating the printing on our end.  We have learned, however, to never say never, so at times we might be willing to only furnish the design (just supplying you with the digital files to print on your end), but this is on a case-by-case basis.


Our custom design services begin at $550, and we require a 50% deposit to begin work.

Finishing Services

Need your invitations assembled but don't have the time? We are more than happy to do the grunt work. Got a bunch of Thank You envelopes that need vintage stamps on them but don't like the taste of vintage stamp glue? We're your lifesavers!

Need your dog walked but don't have the time? Sorry, you'll need to get a dog-walker for that one. :)


Since everyone's finishing needs are so different, it's hard to nail down a starting price. Please email your needs and we can get you pricing from there.

Houston Envelope Calligraphy
Calligraphy and Hand-lettering



Everyone loves a pretty envelope, right? We don't mean to toot our own horn, but we're pretty good at calligraphing a show-stopping envelope. We calligraph anything and everything, including envelopes, placecards, menus, tags, logos, shop signs, wedding vows, announcements- we are running out of breath just listing everything.  You get the gist. :)


Here is a list of our calligraphy and hand-lettering pricing. If there's something not listed here that you'd like priced, just let us know. :)



Calligraphy Classes



We also offer fantastic calligraphy classes. We have a variety of classes for all different skill levels, so if you're interested in joining our mailing list for future classes, let us know in an email and we'd be happy to add you to the list. You can also like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram where we post updates on all upcoming classes.


We have also taught popup classes for stores such as BHLDN and Anthropologie, so if you're a store owner or corporation interested in classes for your customers or even your employees, please shoot us an email, and we can discsuss a custom class catered to your needs.



Whether you're a new homeowner wanting a portrait of your lovely new home, or a proud mother wanting a watercolor portrait of your new baby - Nib and Pixel is the place to turn.  We have brides commission us to do portraits of their wedding dress as a keepsake for after the special day, or even a portrait of the church they got married in.  Shoot us an email if you're interested and we can get a customized quote together for you. Check out examples of our paintings here.